Geri by Next Occasionwear Pink Princess Dress

Oh my god!  I have just had a quick look on the Next website at their new Spring/Summer range that they have already put a preview of and Geri Halliwell has launched a collection of Occasionwear with Next and I MUST try on this dress.  I’d feel like a pretty pink princess in it and I can imagine it being one of my main Summer dresses (I live in dresses in summer and jeans in winter lol).  The only thing putting me off is the price, £99 seems a fair price for a dress to wear to a wedding or an occasion but can I really justify spending near on £100 on a dress at the moment while money isn’t exactly flowing…  Hmmm wishlist I think!  What do you all think to this dress?  It goes up to a size 22 !


Lipsy goes up to a size 18?? Maybe more?

I think I must have had my head in a bush for the last god knows how long because I have only just noticed that Lipsy does some of their dresses and tops up to a size 18!  I have been drooling over Lipsy dresses for a few years now as a friend of mine who was a size 12 used to live in them.  But after realising they only did up to a size 14, I knew I’d never be able to squeeze myself into one unless I drastically dieted.  Well, now it appears that most of their range goes up a size 18, and some even up even further so I am sorely tempted to try some on sometime.  I’m a little nervous that they would be cut quite small so if anyone has any plus size experience with Lipsy I’d be much appreciative if you’d share it with me… otherwise could result in a very disappointed Felicity!! :)

Clothes and Christmas Presents :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas and looking forward to the new year.  I have been very lucky this year and have had an amazing time with family and have been treated to some lovely things…  I wanted to share with you some clothing that I got for Christmas (although some of it is now in the sale! lol)… I will post an outfit of the day as soon as I get a spare few minutes so you can see what it all looks like on a size 16 to 18 figure, since all of the photos from websites are on thinner girls, but you’ll get the idea :) Okay, so I got some burnt orange cord hotpants and a top to go with them which were both from New Look and a lush River Island cropped sweater that I am wearing right now with my skinny jeans.  After looking on the website it doesn’t look like the colour I have (kind of peachy fawn) is on there anymore, but you never know they might have it in a store near you.  They have released a blue version but I think I prefer the one I have here…

I can’t wait to spend my vouchers in Next once all of the scary sales have finished – I need more winter clothes rather than summer anyway :)


Welcome to the world of Plus Size Fashion Blogging…

Well hello there, i’m glad you stopped by.  My name is Felicity Hart and I have been what is classed as “plus size” ever since I was 6 years old.  Growing up as a teenager was a complete nightmare when it came to clothes shopping.  None of the fashionable / sexy clothes were ever available in anything over a size 16 so unless you wanted to walk around all day dressed in tents, you had not much choice when it came to shopping for curvier or bigger women.

Fast forward 10 years or more and now we have boutiques and high street stores stocking larger sizes than ever before.  But many women are afraid to wear similar clothes to their slim counterparts so that’s why I have created this blog.  After being inspired by many online blogs from fashionistas who were above a size 16, I thought I would give it a try myself.  So here goes.. let me tell you a bit about myself…

My name is Felicity, I am 30 and engaged to the most amazing man ever who loves my curves.  It took me a while to find him though!  I am a size 16  in most clothes, but I can go up to a 20 in some fitted dresses depending on the cut and store.  My favourite shops are New Look, River Island and Dorothy Perkins although I keep adding stuff to my basket at ASOS but I have never ordered anything – yet!  I’m desperate to try out their new plus size “Curve” range but I’m a little nervous to order online because of the range of sizes that I can dress in but I guess we all have the same problem no matter how big or small we are!  I am very much a girly girl, into fashion, nails, hair… the lot.  And after a traumatic childhood and teenage phase, why not embrace fashion and all it’s glories.  So my plan is to provide all of my readers out there with “outfits of the day”, plus size fashion news, reviews and of course beauty hints and tips.  I haven’t actually taken any photos for outfits of the day yet, but thanks to being a good girl this year, Santa blessed me with some lovely new clothes and gift vouchers for Next so expect some outfits of the day coming soon!

After reading a few horror stories about curvier girls becoming fashion bloggers I was a bit unsure about whether to start this blog or not.  I am no way promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.  Trust me I have been dieting on and off since I was a teenager, yet I seem to settle at a weight range of between 15 and 15 and a half stone. I just want curvier women to realise that they too can look fabulous and tell them exactly where to find outfits that will suit!