Forever 21 + Spring/Summer Range… and Ebay!

I’ve never ordered anything from Forever 21+… so far – I am sorely tempted by a few of their new Spring/Summer range though so may have to delve into my bank account – this month has been a bit annoying with car tax – 2 new tyres and an MOT next month lurking in the back of my head so I am trying to be sensible at the moment with money. That being said, I have managed to get a couple of things off Ebay – which to my surprise not only fit but look really cool. The first is a dress which is by Be Beau – Matalan. It’s navy on the top with a bright pink band then white, blue and pink floral print as the skirt part. I tried it on as soon as it arrived (nervous about it being too small) and I think it looks really gorgeous – maybe slightly too summery for now, but who knows.. I may even wear it tomorrow! The other Ebay item is a grey pencil skirt with black piping and a pretty ruffle edge at the bottom. The main feature being a massive bow at the back right in the centre. It’s sooo cute!

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My ASOS Wishlist for February 2012

Okay, I’ve kind of cheated with this one as I’m not 100% sure that a size 18 in the featured dress I have chosen would actually fit me… but I’d have fun trying!   This month, I find myself looking at more pale, peachy/beige tones in clothes.  I haven’t bought myself anything new for a few weeks, but I have got a new found obsession with Ebay.  There’s a dress on there from Next which I wanted to try on when it was out last summer, so I’ve added it to my watch list and keep checking back every couple of hours… This could turn out unhealthy but when you see something for a few pounds, it seems a bit silly not to.   Other than making my February 2012 wishlist from ASOS, I have been working so hard.  My flu is gone now, but that means loads of work to catch up on and to relax I decided to start re-reading my “Shopaholic” series of books by Sophie Kinsella.  I’m on Shopaholic Ties the Knot at the moment so already a few books in.

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Review of

Now THAT is service!  I won a competition on the 1st February 2012 and my prize is here with me on the 3rd February 2012!   I only chose what I wanted yesterday too!  And this morning the postman delivered a beautifully wrapped gift from Georgina @  As you can imagine I was super excited to open it up and try both my items on.  I did settle on the bow quartz necklace and the dessert ring after which I chose originally and I wasn’t disappointed…but I can assure you it was really difficult to choose what to have as my prize!

The Rose Quartz necklace is simply beautiful.  Hung on a golden plated fine chain is a quartz point with a baby pink bow attached to the top.  It looks really well made, and it looks simply stunning on.. (will take pics of it on me soon! when i’m better).  In fact, it looks much better made than high street jewellery and the price is really reasonable for what you get.  The necklace is quite heavy because of the Quartz but I think that makes it look all the more expensive :)

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Dreaded Flu but I won a Competition!! :)

Hi guys, I am really frustrated…   in fact frustrated is no where close.  I really want to get outside and take some photos for my outfits of the day (OOTD) but I’ve been so poorly with cold and flu that I look really bad and I am living in pyjamas most of the time until I’m better.  I am starting to get over it I think as I managed to go outside yesterday and run a few errands (must admit I did nip into Select Fashion and get a pair of dark blue jeggings like my red ones) but that was kind of a necessity since all my other pairs of jeans are either too big, or FAR too small… and my buttons popped off my pair that fit :(  Very upset about that but I guess it will teach me for squeezing into them lol…

But… ALL is not bad… I woke up this morning to a lovely e-mail from Georgina @ Cupcakes Clothes – – Remember I entered a competition a little while back to win £20 to spend in her online store Dolly Darling?  Well, I was one of the lucky winners and I am so excited to be able to choose something for my prize.  I’m going to have another look later and make sure I chose correctly when I entered but I think I’m happy with what I did choose to win.  A bow quartz necklace and a cake ring which looks so quirky.  Of course as soon as I have chosen and they have arrived safely I’m going to review them and feature Dolly Darling on my blog in fact it will be my first proper review so looking forward to that! :)

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