Plus Size Body Con!

I have a Christmas dress! Well technically I have two new Christmas dresses… Let me explain lol…

I left it a little late to purchase a dress to wear on Christmas day this year – as I mentioned in my earlier plus size partywear post it is a bit of a tradition for me to get a new outfit to dress up and celebrate the day. I ventured into New Look with my mum and most of the partywear dresses had been stuck on a sale rail with hardly anything left. I was so shocked and slightly worried that I may end up in Pyjamas this year at the dinner table… And as for sizes, there were plenty of size 6, 8 and 10 clothes – and plenty of 24, 26 in the Inspire range, but nothing in the middle.  

I was about to give up when I thought, stuff it, I’ll try on a bunch of dresses that are too big – I mean I’m never going to squeeze into a smaller size, but who knows what might happen with the bigger sizes especially when you take the fabric into consideration. I grabbed a size 26 (I am a UK size 18), black lace dress, one of those very on trend lace layered dresses with long sleeves and mum found a size 22 black and beige brocade triangle style dress which I wasn’t 100% sure about but thought what the heck!

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