On Trend: Spring 2013 – Cat Jumpers!

Would you believe it, I haven’t bought a single item of clothing for the whole of January 2013.  How impressive is that? I have set myself a little challenge where I spend less money on things in general to try and save up for the future. Boring, but very essential.  Of course I’m not going to depraive myself completely and I do still have a £35 River Island voucher from Christmas to spend as soon as I get to the stores (which hopefully will be soon!)

Here in the UK the snow has finally decided to go away and stay away in my part of the country.  I love snow when I don’t have to go out in it, but I also don’t like feeling cold when I am outside and my collection of coats is looking rather worn out at the moment.  Now that Spring is on its way I am getting increasingly excited about the new trends and colours that will be appearing in the high street stores.  One trend I have noticed across a few online shops has been the “Cat Jumper”.  Now I love jumpers in this sort of weather and I happen to love cats too, so this is a perfect trend for me.  I think my fiance might disagree and think that I’m some sort of crazy cat lady but who cares.  It’s fashion, cute and warm and comfy!

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