Suits You Challenge: Sally-Anne

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you’ll know that I do love a good challenge so when the gorgeous Leah (who I have had the pleasure of meeting at Plus North) from Thirty Something Curvy Me mentioned setting up something new, I was very keen to find out more. This new challenge is called Suits You… A number of bloggers have collaborated together and instead of styling ourselves, we will be styling each other! This month I had to style Sally-Anne from The Human Mannequin.

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Suits You Challenge

On the 27th of each month, myself and a bunch of lovely bloggers are doing a new challenge called Suits You. I am running slightly late on this one and mine will be live in the morning :) I must remember to schedule these posts as Friday’s are absolute manic for me hehe…

Check back in the morning for my first Challenge where I style the gorgeous Sally-Anne :)

Yours Clothing’s Summer Campaign with Hayley Hasselhoff

Today, Yours Clothing announced that they have chosen a new celebrity face to be their summer campaign model, Hayley Hasselhoff.  This news seems to have caused controversy with Yours Clothing shoppers either loving or hating this new campaign because Hayley is on the smaller end of “plus size” at a UK size 16 and many women have been complaining that the advertising campaign should have featured models of a size 20 plus.

I’d just like to state my feelings on this matter.   If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have noticed that when I tried on clothes in the Cardiff Yours Clothing store, I was mainly wearing size 16’s.  As a size 16 woman, you are automatically excluded from many “mainstream” brands whose lines end at a size 14.  For part of the plus size community to also try and exclude size 16’s from the plus size market is personally offensive to me.  Where are we supposed to buy our clothes from?  Whether we are a size 16 or a size 30, we are all still classed as plus sized.  Thankfully, all of my fellow bloggers seem to agree with me! Continue reading Yours Clothing’s Summer Campaign with Hayley Hasselhoff

Simply Be Secret Garden Party with Plus Size Bloggers!

Summer is almost upon us and we will soon be enjoying BBQ’s and drinks in the garden along with outdoor music events and generally having a fabulous time!  This new Simply Be “Secret Garden Party” collection has come at a perfect time and features some of the most gorgeous bloggers online!

These bloggers were asked to model outfits suitable for festival style and summer fun from the new collection and they did an amazing job as you will see for yourself…

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Taking Shape: Plus Size On The High Street Survey

Taking Shape are a brand that everyone is talking about at the moment. I’ve been lucky to review a couple of their pieces and I also know that there are a number of their stores quite close to where I live.  They are currently running an online survey to find out what we, as plus size consumers think about the availability of plus sized items on the high street and also a bit about body confidence too.

All of the surveys will be put into a prize draw for a chance to win £100 Taking Shape vouchers. I’ve already filled mine in… so why not take part and help this new plus size brand gather information to make them even better?  Simply click on the link below to get started…

Psst…   They are also having an up to 50% off sale on their website at the moment where you could grab yourself a bargain…


Modcloth – Style Challenge

I was contacted by a company called Modcloth last week to see if I wanted to take part in a fashion challenge along with 9 other contestants.  I must admit, I had never heard of Modcloth before, so I quickly had a look at their website and I was wowed!  So many gorgeous items of clothing and accessories!  It looks as though many of their pieces are inspired by vintage design, yet many look really quirky and I can really see myself trying out some of their accessories and dresses in the future.

Although I don’t normally dress with a vintage edge, I absolutely love all of the bloggers who do. I love the style yet have been a little afraid to experiment with it because I always think that vintage looks great on brunettes.. maybe not so good on blondes.

Anyway, back to my challenge.  My job was to co-ordinate an outfit around one central piece…. A gorgeous black dress known as “Vivacious And Vibrant Dress In Noir”.  This dress is one of those pieces that would go with almost anything and is available in a size small to 4XL (American Sizing).

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Same Size, Different Shape: Skinny Jeans


When I saw that Toni from The Left of Perfect was arranging a new blogger challenge for bloggers who were a UK size 20 – Same Size, Different Shape I was instantly intrigued.  I applied to take part as I thought it would be a good way to showcase just how different our bodies are and I do love getting involved in a challenge providing time allows!  Although I am generally a size 20 in fitted dresses (more comfortably now now due to exercise), I have been able to squeeze my bottom into a size 16 skirt before.  The reason why I buy a larger size is that I have a massive back.  Other ladies might find that they have a bigger bottom, or bigger thighs.  We are all unique and that’s what makes us special :)

Anyway, along with myself and a bunch of other lovely ladies whose blogs I have linked to below (go and follow them too!) Toni has come up with a topic for each month for us to feature.  For June, it’s skinny jeans.  I must admit I don’t own many pairs of skinny jeans but I do own quite a lot of jeggings. They are so comfortable regardless of if you’re feeling bloated.  I do have one pair of skinny jeans from Select in a size 18 so I thought I would use these for the challenge. Again, these are looking a little baggy around the ankles these days. Continue reading Same Size, Different Shape: Skinny Jeans

THE Floral Prom Dress – Summer Romance Collection @ Scarlett & Jo

Back near the end of May, I wrote a post showcasing some of the Summer 2014 “Summer Romance” collection by the hugely talented Scarlett & Jo.   Scarlett & Jo are a brand stocked by the Evans Clothing online website and some of their bigger stores.  I must admit, I haven’t really shopped in Evans since I was a teenager and I generally find a lot of their clothing more suitable for the older woman.  This is where Scarlett & Jo have taken things in completely the right direction with their collection of gorgeous prom dresses.

While I was in Cardiff the other day, I thought since I had a bit more time that I would take a look inside their Evans store on the high street.  I’ve never been in there before, and it looked quite small from the outside window display. Boy, I was wrong!  The store seemed to go back for ages, and I was a woman on a mission. Surely if any of the stores were going to stock Scarlett & Jo, it would be Wales’ capital city!?  I wandered towards the back of the store, totally oblivious to everything around me and there it was…a section of the store dedicated to Scarlett & Jo and Lovedrobe.  I instantly recognised a number of the “Summer Romance” collection, and started looking through the rails.  Their new prom dress with a red floral skirt was there, and it looked a lot nicer than I originally thought it would. Red isn’t really a colour I tend to wear that often.  Then what did I spy?  The patterned floral prom dress that I had fallen in love with ever since I saw it on fellow fashion bloggers, Danielle and George.

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My Visit To Yours Clothing in Cardiff – Plus Size Retailers Reviewed

I have known about Yours Clothing for a little while now and they became more familiar to me when I met them at Plus North in Manchester. The lovely Charlotte broke the ice at my first ever plus size fashion convention.  I always see plenty of plus size bloggers who look fabulous in their clothing, and although I constantly drool over their website, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying any of their items on…. until yesterday!

I was visiting Cardiff for the day after dropping Mr FH at an exam, so I had every intention of visiting the Yours Clothing store in the St David’s Centre, in Cardiff.  I thought it would be best to check with head office to make sure that I was allowed to take photographs of the store, so I contacted Jacqs to let her know I was going.  She was extremely helpful and explained that she would let the store know so that there weren’t any problems.  Everyone I’ve spoken to at Yours Clothing have been absolute gems.

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Cutagen Skincare Review

A week or so ago, a skincare company known as Cutagen were on the lookout for beauty bloggers to sample their skincare range.  Since I am now including beauty products as well as fashion on my blog, I applied and was accepted to receive some samples through the post from the lovely Carolin.

Cutagen is an ethically driven company that uses a combination of science and medical professionals to develop their products. They are a British company and all of their product testing is done in the UK.  So far so good.

My Cutagen samples arrived a couple of days ago, and were in the form of many different sachets of products, ranging from moisturisers to hand wash. I decided to trial out the products after a workout to give myself some much needed pampering.

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