What Felicity “Harts” featuring Boohoo.com

It is nearly August and I am so glad about that because it means September isn’t too far away. I’ve never been a Summer girl. Yes, light evenings, BBQ’s and pretty dresses appeal to me, but not wandering around like a big sweaty mess and having a million showers every day. Guess that is one perk of working from home though… Unlimited showers! I also hate clothes shopping in the Summer because the last thing you want to do in this heat is lock yourself in a changing room!

Throughout August I’m going to try not to spend any money. Previous attempts at this have failed drastically. I told myself I would be good in July and I ended up breaking my self inflicted ban in Select Fashion and Primark. It could have been worse, at least they are both really reasonable shops! Of course as soon as you tell yourself not to spend your hard earned cash, you are immediately attracted to everything in store. Shiny new handbags, that perfect pair of wedges and things you wouldn’t even normally buy. I call this withdrawal symptoms. Hi, my name is Felicity and I am a shopaholic!

To curb my cravings or indeed to make them a million times worse I’ve decided to post a regular feature on my blog. What Felicity “Harts” where I can blog to my “hart’s” content showing off new fashion and things that I really want without actually buying anything. Call it online window shopping I suppose. This week I am bringing you my currently coveted wish list from my new guilty pleasure, Boohoo.com

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Finding Fashion with Fashiola

Recently, I was told of a brand new website that has just launched in the UK called Fashiola. Built to make shopping quicker and easier, Fashiola is a fashion search engine that brings results from many brands across the Internet together in one easy place. With brands such as Marks and Spencer, H&M and Michael Kors and many more being added each month I was keen to have a good look at this website to see if it lived up to its expectations.

Firstly, Fashiola is really easy to use. With three main options, Women, Men and Kids, you simply click on what you want to see and the site contains numerous categories to make your browsing even more efficient. Once you have clicked (or indeed searched) for what you are looking for, you are given a multitude of options of different products that match your description. I did notice that there were a lot of brands that are completely out of my price range, such as Hugo Boss but a girl can dream right!? For those of us who are living life on a tighter budget, you can refine your search down by brand, price and even size which is particularly useful if you are like me and click on everything that isn’t the right size!

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Suits You Challenge – Lisa Marie

I must say I am seriously enjoying the Suits You Challenge set by Leah – It is so much fun styling other people and also getting a good look at the online stores to see their latest offerings.

This month, I am styling the beautiful Lisa-Marie who has only been blogging this year.  I may have gotten it completely wrong this month, but on Lisa-Marie’s blog she mentions that she wants to get out of her comfort zone and that she feels in a bit of a rut fashion wise wearing similar clothing.  I noticed photos of pretty kimonos and other floral style tops on her website so I thought I would use this as inspiration but “girlie” the whole thing up a bit…

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Boohoo Plus Review – Plus Size Retailers Reviews

For July, I was a little unsure about who to review for my next installment of Retailers Reviewed.  I figured I would expand my little project to include “mainstream” brands because if I continue on my little health kick, it won’t be too long until I am a size 14.  That will open up a multitude of new clothing brands that I have never been able to try before, but unfortunately will mean I will need to leave some of the plus size brands behind :(

I put out a post on Twitter to see which of the following brands my readers wanted to see me review.  The choices were Pink Clove, Simply Be or Boohoo, or indeed any other clothing brand that carried size 16 / 18 clothing.  The ultimate winner was Boohoo and I was secretly a little chuffed about that because its a brand I’ve always wanted to try, but have been nervous as I didn’t know how generous the sizing was.

I loaded up the website, on both my PC and my tablet.  There seems to be a dedicated website for tablet users which is really easy to use and the website itself was very self explanatory and I spent hours looking through their range of clothing.  I decided to peruse both the “main” range and also the Boohoo Plus Size range which starts at a UK 16 and carries most products up to a 24.

After adding hundreds of pounds of products to my basket, I whittled them down to just two and believe me it wasn’t easy.  There were so many bright coloured, summer items that were screaming at me to order them but I was relatively good and my order came to a reasonable £36, not including shipping.

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Same Size, Different Shape: Swing Dress

When it was mentioned that the next “Same Size, Different Shape” challenge was the swing dress, I must admit I had a bit of a panic.  I am not a lover of swing dresses at all – they may be comfy but they do nothing for my shape and end up making me look much bigger than I am.  At first glance, I thought I already had a swing dress in the form of a lovely purple “peacocks” jewelled sleeve number but my Mother kindly informed me that it was a shift dress.  Ooops!

I know that when Toni set up the challenge she did tell us not to go out buying new clothes just for the challenge but I really wanted to take part this month and persuade me otherwise to my negativity towards this style. The swing dress I chose also solved another blog post – my review of Boohoo.com which will be coming very soon.

After much procrastination, I finally decided on a daisy print swing dress from the Boohoo.com Plus Size range.  Although I had read that the sizing on their range was cut small, I opted for a UK size 16 which is the smallest size in the plus size collection.  I’m glad I did because when I tried it on for the first time it proved very roomy.  I’ll admit I did a little squeal when I tried this dress on and it changed my whole opinion on the swing dress as a whole.  Not only do I feel fabulous in this dress, but I also think that it doesn’t look like I just threw on a tent for once.  I think the key to my swing dress relationship might be to order patterned swing dresses instead of block colours.

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