A Plea To Hair Care Specialists / Enthusiasts

I’ve had long blonde hair as long as I can remember and it has sort of turned into my trademark. Usually it is really manageable, detangled and soft but lately I am finding that my hair ends up in a massive ball of knots.

I’ve put the problem down to excess washing. Now I know you are only supposed to wash your hair once or twice a week. I am literally washing mine every day and there isn’t any way around it. During my exercising I get sweaty and my hair gets wet so it needs to be washed straight after. I use a variety of high street shampoos and conditioners (generally whatever is on offer).

After experiencing an unusual amount of knots in my hair I asked my hairdresser for advice. She mentioned that every other time I have to wash my hair, to only use conditioner and that should help. Sure enough it did seem to for a while but now I am back to square one with daily knotted hair and bunches of it getting ripped out when brushing.

What I would like to know is are there any hair care products worth trying? I never blow dry my hair, so I’m looking for a reasonably priced shampoo, conditioner and even additional products like leave in conditioner or hair oil treatments. I’ve recently taken to using a tangle teaser which makes the whole process a bit more bareable but I’d still love any advice on brands and new products to try. Thanks everyone :) x

Suits You Challenge – Kitty

I knew that September’s suits you challenge would be a lot of fun as I was given the task of styling the beautiful Kitty from Adventures of A Riot Girl. From looking at Kitty’s blog and having a good look back through her archives, I’d say her style was quite edgy. I really love the outfits that she puts together and I was so excited to have a go at styling her…

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Glossybox August 2014 Review

I figure this is better late than never… In July I cancelled my subscription to Glossybox.  This is in no way a reflection on the products or service that I received during my subscription, I just can’t justify spending £10 (plus postage) on things I don’t necessarily need at the moment. Real life unfortunately takes over and that money can be better spent elsewhere on boring grown up things like bills! Bleugh!

I cancelled my subscription quite late in the month, so my last box would in fact be August’s as I had left it to late to cancel in July. I was secretly pleased about that though as it meant I got another little box of goodies in the post. My box arrived and I am very pleased with the contents. I can safely say I’ve never had a rubbish box from them.

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My first GIVEAWAY! Win a Barry M makeup Palette & Necklace!

I thought it was about time that I had a giveaway… it’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while and was originally planning on doing one when I got to 1000 followers on Twitter.  Having followers and regular readers of my blog means a lot to me, and I wanted to thank you all for supporting me.

You may have noticed but I can be quite impatient, so instead of waiting until I reached 1000 followers on twitter, I thought what the heck! Let’s run one now.  This giveaway is only a little one, but I hope you like what I have chosen for the prizes. It’s really simple to enter, just follow the instructions on Rafflecopter below and you’ll recieve entries into my giveaway raffle.   Up for grabs is the Natural Glow makeup palette by Barry M (worth around £6.99 and bought with my own money) and a wooden bunny necklace which will be one of my collection in my new jewellery store opening soon.  There will be only ONE winner, so the lucky person will win both prizes… I plan on making giveaways a lot more frequently too, so I would love to hear from you to see what you’d love to win!  This giveaway ends on 20th October 2014, at 12AM (GMT). Good luck everyone :) x

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I have been nominated! One Lovely Blog Award

I have to say, monday was a real shitty day.  I spent pretty much all of it with mum in accident & emergency.  She’s okay now thankfully and we were both very relieved to be back home again Monday evening.  While I was at the hospital, I was nominated by the lovely Carolin from Lunch Break Adventures for a blog award.  This was a real surprise and cheered me up as I checked my twitter feed on the tablet.  Carolin posts about fashion, food and lifestyle and she has a gorgeous collection of clothes and a style I’d quite like to pinch! :) Continue reading I have been nominated! One Lovely Blog Award

Kelly Brook Collaboration with Simply Be

I must admit I don’t really know much about Kelly Brook but when I heard that she was collaborating with Simply Be to launch her own range of clothing, I was instantly intrigued. Everything is a little hush hush about this collaboration which incidentally launches tomorrow on the Simply Be website. I found out about it from a few sneak peeks on Simply Be’s Instagram earlier this month which left me wanting more! I have to say, I think that Kelly is the perfect choice for Simply Be. She isn’t plus size, but that’s not what Simply Be is all about. I think that it’s about offering fashion to women who are curvy, and Kelly definitely has curves in all the right places!

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Seriously. Cauliflower Pizza!?

Every now and then I hope to feature blog posts relating to recipes and healthy eating in general. If I find a meal I like, I tend to rinse and repeat so it’s not that often I’ll try something completely new but I have seen recipes for Cauliflower pizza base flying around the Internet and I have to admit, I was intrigued.

I love pizza.  Pizza on the other hand doesn’t like me.  I’ll happily take my mum to Pizza Hut and devour part of a stuffed crust pizza with mozzarella cheese oozing out of the sides.  Pizza is unfortunately laden in fat and calories so not very useful if you’re on a healthy eating plan.  The Pizza Hut website is one of a few that does tell you the nutritional information of the food that it sells so it’s easy to calorie count and work off the excess in training either before you go or many hours later.  Did you know that 1 slice of large Stuffed Crust Hawaiian pizza contains 255 Calories and 10 grams of fat!?  I can easily sit and eat 3 and that’s restraining myself so before you know it you’ve wolfed down over 700 calories of pizza without including any starters, salads or drinks.

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Suits You Challenge – Nikki

I’m a few days late with this months Suits You Challenge as last week we had family come and stay so I was busy driving, cooking for 7 people and having fun. We went bowling and I didn’t lose for once! Anyway, this month my Suits You Challenge is to style Nikki from http://www.nattynikki.com/ and I have had the pleasure of meeting Nikki at last years Plus North. I am a regular reader of her blog and I love her style. She likes prints, colour, dresses and isn’t afraid to try new things. As you all know I am a girly girl and I wanted to glam up an outfit for Nikki to potentially wear on a night out, yet choose a dress that could also work in the daytime with different accessories.

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A New Direction For My Blog

I haven’t been posting anywhere near as often as I would like recently and that is due to a few factors. Firstly, lack of time has been a major problem and my constant strive to get higher quality photos, better topics and my constant need for perfection towards anything that I do in general. Nothing I do ever seems good enough in my eyes.

The second reason why I haven’t been posting any outfit of the day posts and fashion related articles is because where I am in training, my hair is pretty much wet all of the time and I’ve been living in baggy clothes. I’m not one for using a hair dryer as it takes too long with all my hair!

After much deliberation and a plea for help on twitter earlier today, I’ve decided to diversify my blog posts and mix them up a bit. I don’t want to lose my existing readers, nor alienate anyone but because much of my life consists of my weight loss journey and fitness I would like to throw some of these blog posts into the mix. I’m going to be trying new recipes and variations on popular meals and snacks made in a healthier way and I would really like to share some of these with you as well as generally updating everyone on my progress.

I’d just like to say that the decisions behind my weight loss journey are purely health related. Myself and Mr FH may try for a baby in the new year and I want to be the healthiest I can be to give us all the best start in life. Plus I don’t want nurses constantly moaning at me about my weight during checkups. It took me a long time to get comfortable with the way I looked from years of bullying and unacceptance from people, but I’m in a different frame of mind to where I was on all my previous weight loss attempts. For once im not focussing on the scales or clothes and I’m focussing on me.

I really hope you’ll continue to read my blog and I promise I’ll be posting some outfit of the day posts very soon!

Felicity xx