Glossybox Review – October 2014

I get so excited in the beginning of each month as I know that soon I get another box of goodies through the post. I’ve also read a lot of conflicting reviews about different beauty boxes and their contents however I can honestly say that I have always been pleased with my boxes and this month has been no exception.

This month things were slightly different as there was no product guide included. This is Glossybox’s new way of helping the planet and all product information including the Glossybox magazine are now available online. The October Glossybox is now sold out but was designed as a limited edition pop art styled box in different colours.

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Birchbox Review – October 2014

This months Birchbox was in collaboration with Coppafeel! To raise awareness for breast cancer and the symptoms / early signs to look out for. This was my second Birchbox, and I was really excited to see which high end products were inside. If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I am testing out a few beauty boxes before I make a decision to stick with just one.

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Glossybox Review – Sept 2014

Ok ok, I know… I didn’t even last the month without resubscribing to Glossybox, but if you’re anything like me you’ll agree that once you start getting surprises through the post it’s pretty crap when it stops! So I am, again a Glossybox Subscriber! I already knew what September’s Glossybox looked like after sobbing over other people’s reviews. September’s box was designed in collaboration with Karen Millen!

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Lyla Loves Jewellery

I love Jewellery. I think most women do yet I’m more fond of the fast fashion, statement style jewellery rather than more traditional expensive kind. In fact, the only jewellery I own that isn’t fashion jewellery is my engagement ring, wedding ring and a Tiffany necklace which is, at the moment broken. Boo. I heard of Lyla Loves Jewellery on a Blogging Platform and I noticed that for the first set amount of likes they got on their Facebook page, they would send out a free bangle. I instantly liked their page and signed up and within a week, I had a nice little parcel waiting for me.

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My First Birchbox Review – September 2014

Not so long ago I mentioned that I was cancelling my Glossybox subscription because I felt that the money I was spending (although reasonable) could be better spent elsewhere. I felt like I was missing out on it in September, so I resubscribed without even missing a box and while I was sitting in an outpatients department of a hospital with my mum and wifi access I may have subscribed to Birchbox too. Oops!

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