My love affair with corsets started around 10 years ago when I was shopping with my sister in London to help her find a structured corset ballgown to wear to a school black tie event for the parents. All very posh I must say! I’d never really heard of corsets before, especially not ones with steel boning but while we were in the middle of a boutique shop scattered with hundreds of different styles I thought I would try one on while I was waiting to ease my boredom. My sister could shop in the Olympics! The result I got was absolutely outstanding. I was a little bigger than I am now, with a 38 inch (or bigger) waist, yet the steel boned corset that I was wearing nipped me in, in all the right places giving me the perfect hourglass figure. I was mesmerised by my reflection staring back at me!

My sister must have realised how fabulous it made me feel, as for Christmas that year I received a black satin overbust corset all wrapped up in a beautiful gift box. Safe to say I’ve been hooked ever since! Since my first ever corset, I’ve been on the lookout for more affordable options since the original one was over £160 and is something that I couldn’t really justify spending on myself in one go on a regular basis. Last year I came across Corset Story, while looking for an underbust corset to wear over a blouse. I really love this look and I wanted to achieve it with jeans, so for my birthday, Mr FH offered to buy me one. The brocade underbust corset from Corset Story fit the bill perfectly at around £70, yet it still had all of the important parts to it, like steel boning at a fraction of the price of alternatives. I was a little skeptical at first, I will admit, yet when it arrived it fit perfectly, squeezed in my waist and there was no visible difference between either of the brands I owned!

I contacted Corset Story a few weeks ago to see if they had any opportunities to work with them as either a model or a blogger. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, and I may be blowing my own trumpet but I felt like I looked a million dollars in my most recent corset photos, and I am convinced I’d make a perfect corset model for them! They got back to me really quickly, loved my last blog post and offered to send me an item to review. I wasn’t going to turn that down! I was allowed to choose an item of my choice which was surprisingly really difficult since they have such a vast collection of corsets on offer. I eventually decided upon the Black Brocade Steampunk “Hermione” corset as it looked really edgy, and I liked the different front fastenings that it offered. A couple of days later, and a carefully packaged corset arrived through the post. You can imagine my squeals as the postman knocked on the door!

I ordered a size 30 inches in this corset due to my recent weight loss. It’s very snug, but they suggest that you order between 4 and 6 inches less than your actual waist measurements. I figured that smaller was better in case I lose more weight in the near future. Mr FH strapped me in, and my waist was even more defined due to the size of the corset.

I had to get some amazing photography of this corset to share with you so on my most recent visit to my friend, Charlie and her studio, I arrived in full steampunk/goth attire! You should have seen her face when I took off my coat and she saw my shape! It was priceless! Here are the results and as you can see we had a lot of fun with this!







steel-boned-corset-review-corset-storyBrocade Steampunk Corset, 30 inches, Corset Story, £69. ASOS Split Lexi Maxi Skirt, Size 14, ASOS, £18, Boots: Unknown

The Black Brocade Steampunk Corset* is on offer at the moment for only £69 which is a complete bargain. The lacing at the back is extremely strong and the corset didn’t loosen while I was wearing it. The fastenings at the front are really different – because the corset was so tight, they did pop up a few times, so in hindsight I perhaps should have ordered a 32″ corset instead.

Overall, I am really pleased with the quality, fit and style and I had a lot of fun styling it for photos. I decided to team it with a split leg maxi skirt made from a soft jersey fabric. This skirt is from ASOS’s current season and is £18. I am wearing a size 14 since I knew it would be stretchy. Jewellery wise I decided upon a black statement necklace which is one from my launch collection for my new jewellery store (still coming soon!) along with a statement ring which was a gift from my mother, and I wore some very old chunky ankle boots.

If you are looking for affordable corsets, check out Corset Story. They have a range of colours and styles available, from 20″ to 38″ (remember to order 4 to 6 inches less than your actual waist measurement!). I will definitely be ordering from them again really soon since they currently have an offer on for Christmas, where you can order 3 of their steel boned corsets for a mere £75 – safe to say I am having corsets for Christmas from the hubby this year!

* Ad: I was gifted this corset by Corset Story, however my review is my own opinions and I have not been paid for this post. I’d like to thank Corset Story for their kindness and lovely correspondance.

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