Overnight Oats

I have been toying with the idea of joining Slimming World since I am struggling to get back on track since Christmas. I was very fortunate to maintain my weight over Christmas through some miracle after enjoying the luxuries of roast beef with cauliflower cheese and all of the trimmings, chocolate log, cheese and biscuits and of course plenty of chocolate! *drool* Even thinking about it is making me want to eat it again!

I’ve never previously joined a slimming class and I have either always done my dieting through Weight Watchers online or by myself so I’m a little nervous since I don’t know if I will enjoy any of the food since a lot of it is made from scratch.  I decided to try a few of the recipes for a couple of days before I make my final decision so one of the first (and easiest) recipes I tried was overnight oats.

Trust me, this is really easy and anyone can do it!  You simply layer 35g of oats (HexB) with fresh or frozen fruit and fat free natural yoghurt (or a mullerlight yoghurt if you want a flavoured one). That’s it… then pop it in the fridge (covered), and first thing in the morning, stir and eat!

I had it for breakfast this morning and if I am completely honest I couldn’t stomach it. I ate a few mouthfuls and the first tasted just like blackberry crumble which is pretty impressive as a breakfast but then it got richer and richer, followed by sour flavours coming through the fruit. I ended up giving it to hubby.  I’m not completely ruling this recipe out, because I think if I made it with peaches, or pineapple I probably would enjoy it more as I’m not really a winter berry kind of girl, but in the meanwhile I think i’ll stick to either porridge followed by fruit, or yoghurt and fruit, not all of it together!

Have you tried any of the Slimming World recipes with success?

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