Have you ever heard of IKrush before?  I am the first to admit I was completely oblivious to this brand until I was contacted by the lovely Gemma who wanted to tell me all about their online boutique of clothing, shoes and accessories. I had a good look around the site and was impressed by how modern it looked and how easy it was to use.  IKrush was founded in 2012 in Glasgow with an aim of providing high quality fashion at a reasonable price. They seem to have done the trick too, with gorgeous clothing, especially dresses! Shoes, handbags and even a selection of jewellery and other accessories.

One of the first things I did notice about the site was that their main clothing range only seems to go up to a UK size 14, with a few exceptions that stretch to a UK 16. This was pretty good timing for me, since I am now usually a 14, and still shrinking! I am hoping that in the future, IKrush will extend their sizing to include a plus size range as I know that they would do really well with their fashionable range in bigger sizes and I know many of my readers will be thinking the same thing.

Pricing wise, IKrush easily competes, with some hidden gems in their sale section. I am already coveting over a number of stunning bodycon style dresses that I have bookmarked! Gemma kindly offered me an item to review, and I was allowed to choose something up to the value of £25.  This was extremely difficult to do since I love so many of their offerings!  I finally settled on the Zaade Monochrome Striped Mini Skater Dress in Black/White* as I am wanting to experiment with monochrome a bit more since my last outfit post.  Most of my wardrobe consists of colours or florals, so this was a complete change and I was excited for it to arrive.

Delivery was really quick – within a few days, the dress was with me.  It is very well made and if I am completely honest I wasn’t expecting it to be such lovely fabric or quality. It really impressed me as I tried it on – the dress, itself is stretchy and gives you one hell of a cleavage! At first since it was so far out of my comfort zone, I was a little unsure about how it looked on me, but once I had teamed it with some accessories to take the emphasis off the striped midriff, I fell in love!  It is such a comfortable dress to wear and could easily be dressed up or down.  I wanted to keep things glamourous when I styled it…





Zaade Monochrome Striped Dress*: IKrush, £21.99, Size 14, Heels: Online Avenue, £28, Bracelets: New Look, Necklace: Own

I decided to team this dress with my new embellished heels and some more monochrome accessories. I think it ties the whole look in really well and is a look that I would wear again and again.  This dress is true to size, very stretchy and it’s available in a UK size 8 to 16.

What made IKrush stand out to me from every other online clothing store out there is their loyalty scheme. This is designed in a way that if you refer 5 friends to the site, you’ll get 50% off your next order. Sounds pretty good to me, but it was unclear whether your friends had to just join the site as a customer, or actually purchase something. I’d just like to point out that although I was gifted this gorgeous dress, I am not using my referral link, as that would be misleading of me.

Will I shop at IKrush again?  Most definitely. They are adding new products on a regular basis and my bookmarked list keeps on growing!  If you love gorgeous dresses and fashionable clothing at a price that won’t break the bank, why not add IKrush to your bookmarks too?  And if you’re over a size 16, definitely check out their shoes and accessories. They have some AMAZING statement necklaces in at the moment!

Do you see anything you like the look of? :) x


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