You might remember last Summer I introduced you to a website called Fashiola, a fashion search engine that spans across many well known brands here in the UK.  It’s become a bit of a lifesaver for me… let me tell you why.  When I was on my spending ban, I quickly realised how long I spend when online shopping and it worried me somewhat.  When you go to a physical shop, it doesn’t really matter how long you spend there since you have allocated that time to be out and about – and to browse, hog the changing rooms – all part of the experience but what I found with online shopping is that I am sat here, supposed to be working when my mind wanders.  I open up Firefox and within minutes I have a bunch of windows open for my favourite online shops.  I then look through each one, and getting more sidetracked as the day goes on and well let’s just say, it really isn’t very productive!

This is where Fashiola comes in.  There has been more than one occasion where I have thought to myself, “Oooh I’d really love a floral blouse” or words to that effect but I never know where to start looking. Minutes can easily turn to hours and generally I walk away empty handed and rather frustrated.  Yes, I do have a shopping habit! I have started using Fashiola on a regular basis to speed up my online shopping and I have to say it’s proving very efficient.  Let’s use the floral blouse as an example…


I open up Fashiola.co.uk and before I start to browse through the site, I now simply use the search function.  This searches through currently 1776 brands and 95 shops and is an extremely powerful tool.  So I type floral blouse into the search box and press the search button. Immediately I am faced with over 1000 options to choose from without the need to load hundreds of different websites.  If you’re on an even tighter timeframe, you can filter your results down even more using their powerful side bar in many ways including brand, amount of discount, price and even colour. I find that I use the price filter quite a bit because as much as I love a £400 blouse, there is no way on earth that I am spending that kind of money on one! Fear not, however as putting a maximum limit of £52 still leaves you with over 600 blouses to lust after.


When you find something you like the look of, you don’t need to load any external websites yourself which is one of the main things I love about this site. You simply click on your item and up pops a little box detailing the sizes available, payment options and delivery times.  If you decide you want to buy it, you click on the big blue cart button which takes you directly to the item on the individual stores website, fully loaded ready to purchase. Here you complete the checkout process as usual, but think about how much time you have saved not having to search through 10, 20 or even 95 online shops to get to that one dream product!

Another example of how Fashiola has been really useful for me is that I was recently on the lookout for some unique looking ankle boots but I had no idea where to start looking as I’ve never really bought boots off the Internet before. I immediately thought of Fashiola and within a few minutes I had laid eyes on a gorgeous pair of textured leopard print ankle boots that soon after was purchased!  You can expect a review of these on the blog soon, but without Fashiola, I probably would never have found them since they were from a store that I have never previously used.


If you want to shop more efficiently, I highly recommend you start using Fashiola and see just how much time you save!




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