Stepping out in Style with George from Asda!

As soon as I lifted my spending ban, I felt completely relieved.  I also felt like I had suffered withdrawal symptoms (yes I know, this is bad!) and after 23 days of not spending, I gave up. This quickly followed with a shopping trip to my nearest Primark and just to wind me up even more, I couldn’t find anything I loved enough to buy! I wandered around the shops, feeling a little glum and had nearly run out of places to visit when I suddenly thought, what about Asda? I needed to get some food anyway and sometimes you can pick up some lovely clothes.

I went straight to the clothing department and was about to give up and go home when suddenly, I spotted a single, lone dress with a beautiful floral print and embellished neckline.  Picking it up, I checked the tags. Size 14. Oooh! This had to be tried on!  I was a little unsure that it would fit as I’m kind of between sizes at the moment, but it did! I thought I looked amazing too, and the length of it was a little more modest than my usual attire. I suppose I should start dressing my age! ignore all fashion fails and wear what I want!

On visiting my friends, Charlie and Phil and showing off my outfit, they immediately gasped how 60’s style it looked and Charlie handed me a pair of giant sunglasses to wear.  If I’m honest I quite liked them and nearly walked off with them once we’d finished shooting! Charlie also broke her heater which exploded right in front of me as she tripped while holding a fan to make my hair wild – she says it was worth it but I felt so bad!



Scuba Floral Dress: George @ Asda, £25, sizes 8-24. Heels: Select Fashion (Previous Season), Bracelet: Handmade

This dress was £25 which is pretty reasonable and is made from a thick scuba style fabric.  It is still in stock in many stores and on their website in sizes 8 – 24. There was also a purple version of this dress which can be found here, however I preferred the contrast between peach, pink and black.  Due to the neckline on this dress, which has detachable jewels, I didn’t feel the need to add any additional necklaces. I decided to wear my beige heels from Select Fashion and a bracelet that I made myself months ago.

I have been particularly impressed with the clothing that George has to offer at the moment.  Before Christmas I spotted a number of jackets that I loved but put back and now I’m seriously regretting it!  Do you buy much from George?

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