My love affair with corsets started around 10 years ago when I was shopping with my sister in London to help her find a structured corset ballgown to wear to a school black tie event for the parents. All very posh I must say! I’d never really heard of corsets before, especially not ones with steel boning but while we were in the middle of a boutique shop scattered with hundreds of different styles I thought I would try one on while I was waiting to ease my boredom. My sister could shop in the Olympics! The result I got was absolutely outstanding. I was a little bigger than I am now, with a 38 inch (or bigger) waist, yet the steel boned corset that I was wearing nipped me in, in all the right places giving me the perfect hourglass figure. I was mesmerised by my reflection staring back at me!

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I knew that September’s suits you challenge would be a lot of fun as I was given the task of styling the beautiful Kitty from Adventures of A Riot Girl. From looking at Kitty’s blog and having a good look back through her archives, I’d say her style was quite edgy. I really love the outfits that she puts together and I was so excited to have a go at styling her…

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I’m a few days late with this months Suits You Challenge as last week we had family come and stay so I was busy driving, cooking for 7 people and having fun. We went bowling and I didn’t lose for once! Anyway, this month my Suits You Challenge is to style Nikki from and I have had the pleasure of meeting Nikki at last years Plus North. I am a regular reader of her blog and I love her style. She likes prints, colour, dresses and isn’t afraid to try new things. As you all know I am a girly girl and I wanted to glam up an outfit for Nikki to potentially wear on a night out, yet choose a dress that could also work in the daytime with different accessories.

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I must say I am seriously enjoying the Suits You Challenge set by Leah – It is so much fun styling other people and also getting a good look at the online stores to see their latest offerings.

This month, I am styling the beautiful Lisa-Marie who has only been blogging this year.  I may have gotten it completely wrong this month, but on Lisa-Marie’s blog she mentions that she wants to get out of her comfort zone and that she feels in a bit of a rut fashion wise wearing similar clothing.  I noticed photos of pretty kimonos and other floral style tops on her website so I thought I would use this as inspiration but “girlie” the whole thing up a bit…

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I’m not sure how many of my readers know this, but I can’t actually swim.  Myself and Mr FH have been going to our local pool to attempt to teach me how to swim and be confident in the water.  Today, I managed around 3 metres without any floatation devices which is a big step for me.  Now, since I’m not a natural water baby, I don’t own many swimsuits.  I have a lovely polka dot swimdress and a sexy black number that were reviewed for Sports Direct, and I have a low neckline plunge electric blue swimsuit but I’m not really confident enough to wear either of the sexy swimsuits quite yet.  I have been going once a week to the swimming pool, so have stuck to my polka dot swimdress.

We have been discussing going more frequently as my confidence seems to disappear when I leave it for long periods before getting back in the water so I am going to need more swimwear that I will feel comfortable enough to wear in front of anyone.

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Would you believe it, I haven’t bought a single item of clothing for the whole of January 2013.  How impressive is that? I have set myself a little challenge where I spend less money on things in general to try and save up for the future. Boring, but very essential.  Of course I’m not going to depraive myself completely and I do still have a £35 River Island voucher from Christmas to spend as soon as I get to the stores (which hopefully will be soon!)

Here in the UK the snow has finally decided to go away and stay away in my part of the country.  I love snow when I don’t have to go out in it, but I also don’t like feeling cold when I am outside and my collection of coats is looking rather worn out at the moment.  Now that Spring is on its way I am getting increasingly excited about the new trends and colours that will be appearing in the high street stores.  One trend I have noticed across a few online shops has been the “Cat Jumper”.  Now I love jumpers in this sort of weather and I happen to love cats too, so this is a perfect trend for me.  I think my fiance might disagree and think that I’m some sort of crazy cat lady but who cares.  It’s fashion, cute and warm and comfy!

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So the partywear season is upon us again and it doesn’t feel that long ago since last Christmas…

Although i’m not a party animal, I have a bit of a tradition that every Christmas day I dress up in a new dress or outfit that I have bought for that purpose. In fact most of my “Christmas Day” dresses only get worn on special occasions no matter what shop they came from and I always insist on a new outfit/dress every year. Gone are the days as a child where I would spend as long as I possibly could in my pyjamas! Last year I wore an absolutely gorgeous purple frock dress with embellished cuffs which was from Primark and a complete bargain. This year I haven’t chosen my dress and although I came close to ordering one from ASOS, I found out days later they had sold out so I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

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Okay, I’ve kind of cheated with this one as I’m not 100% sure that a size 18 in the featured dress I have chosen would actually fit me… but I’d have fun trying!   This month, I find myself looking at more pale, peachy/beige tones in clothes.  I haven’t bought myself anything new for a few weeks, but I have got a new found obsession with Ebay.  There’s a dress on there from Next which I wanted to try on when it was out last summer, so I’ve added it to my watch list and keep checking back every couple of hours… This could turn out unhealthy but when you see something for a few pounds, it seems a bit silly not to.   Other than making my February 2012 wishlist from ASOS, I have been working so hard.  My flu is gone now, but that means loads of work to catch up on and to relax I decided to start re-reading my “Shopaholic” series of books by Sophie Kinsella.  I’m on Shopaholic Ties the Knot at the moment so already a few books in.

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I thought it would be a nice little feature to do wishlists of my favourite plus size fashion stores online each month with a set trend in mind. At the moment I am absolutely loving animal print, especially leopard print. I have been experimenting with leopard print nails handpainted of course. Anyway, here is my wishlist for January 2012 from ASOS Curve… Let me know what you think!

1) ASOS Curve Skater Dress In Spot Lace 2)ASOS Pollyanna Platform Court Shoe in Leopard Effect
3) Limited Edition Wristband With Animal Print and Gold Screw Detail 4) Orelia Sparkle Hoop Earrings
5) ASOS Curve Faux Fur Coat with Contrast Hem 6) Disney Couture Gold Plated Believe Ring

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