My love affair with corsets started around 10 years ago when I was shopping with my sister in London to help her find a structured corset ballgown to wear to a school black tie event for the parents. All very posh I must say! I’d never really heard of corsets before, especially not ones with steel boning but while we were in the middle of a boutique shop scattered with hundreds of different styles I thought I would try one on while I was waiting to ease my boredom. My sister could shop in the Olympics! The result I got was absolutely outstanding. I was a little bigger than I am now, with a 38 inch (or bigger) waist, yet the steel boned corset that I was wearing nipped me in, in all the right places giving me the perfect hourglass figure. I was mesmerised by my reflection staring back at me!

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Primark has become one of my favourite places to check out, mainly because of the products changing so quickly but also the price. You just can’t go wrong!  Primark was never a place that I could shop in easily due to the sizing being all over the place but it’s become my new guilty pleasure as you’ll have noticed on my Instagram if you follow me!

I first spotted this skirt (and statement necklace) on the Primark website when they released a Q&A session with the gorgeous Victoria from – it wasn’t available in stores but Victoria had chosen it to showcase some of the new Autumn/Winter range and I was desperate to get my hands on the floaty organza number.  I ended up visiting a couple of different Primark stores multiple times, when one evening I finally spotted it and had to get my hands on it! When I got it home I didn’t have a clue how to accessorise it.  I stumbled across a couple of looks that worked really well with clothes that I already had in my wardrobe when I suddenly had a brainwave… What about my underbust corset!?

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