Roses are red collection at Scarlett & Jo

Scarlett and Jo are one of the brands that I just keep coming back to.  I absolutely love the styles and quality of their dresses and now with the beautiful Georgina Grogan being the face of Scarlett & Jo, her Instagram account is like one massive billboard for me.  My bank account is not so happy with this arrangement, but when you buy a Scarlett & Jo dress, you know that it is going to last and that you’ll be able to wear it to a number of occasions.  I justify my purchases by telling myself that I’m not just buying a dress… I’m buying an investment.

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Denim and Pointed Heels

Sometimes it’s nice to just stick on a pair of jeans rather than prance around in pretty dresses and today was one of those days!  I’ve had a lot of problem with jeans recently, in that I have bought 3 pairs from Select Fashion and the zip has broken on every single pair.  When I was younger my go to place for jeans was Dorothy Perkins, but since I had some vouchers from Evans leftover, I thought why not give them a try. I am so glad that I did!

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Evans Clothing – Statement Necklace Giveaway

In December, I won an Evans Clothing voucher for my blog post I wrote about their newest Cut for Evans range and I was so excited that I wanted to share my excitement and also thank my blog readers by holding a giveaway.  When I started my blog I never imagined that anyone would ever read it, let alone win amazing competitions from my writing. I won a whopping £100!

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Plus Size Clothing at House of Fraser

A few weeks ago I was contacted by House of Fraser, introducing me to their plus size collection. The only department I’ve ever shopped in before is their beauty department however, many a day I have glanced through the windows and dreamt of all of the beautiful clothing inside. A favourite of mine has to be the Ted Baker collection with its floral prints and floaty detail but I know the sizing doesn’t go up very far so I’ve pretty much ruled that out.

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Cut For Evans

I’ve not really shopped in Evans for quite a while but when I was in the Cardiff branch coveting over Scarlett & Jo dresses, so many things caught my eye so I have been checking their website regularly ever since. Evans have really upped their game providing a number of fashionable pieces for women with curves in sizes 14 to 32. I really like how they start at a UK size 14 too, because a size 14 and 16 are sometimes overlooked in plus size clothing which is something that I have only recently discovered. They have also been collaborating with amazing upcoming fashion designers in their Cut For Evans collection which launched earlier this year and last week saw the launch of their second edition.

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THE Floral Prom Dress – Summer Romance Collection @ Scarlett & Jo

Back near the end of May, I wrote a post showcasing some of the Summer 2014 “Summer Romance” collection by the hugely talented Scarlett & Jo.   Scarlett & Jo are a brand stocked by the Evans Clothing online website and some of their bigger stores.  I must admit, I haven’t really shopped in Evans since I was a teenager and I generally find a lot of their clothing more suitable for the older woman.  This is where Scarlett & Jo have taken things in completely the right direction with their collection of gorgeous prom dresses.

While I was in Cardiff the other day, I thought since I had a bit more time that I would take a look inside their Evans store on the high street.  I’ve never been in there before, and it looked quite small from the outside window display. Boy, I was wrong!  The store seemed to go back for ages, and I was a woman on a mission. Surely if any of the stores were going to stock Scarlett & Jo, it would be Wales’ capital city!?  I wandered towards the back of the store, totally oblivious to everything around me and there it was…a section of the store dedicated to Scarlett & Jo and Lovedrobe.  I instantly recognised a number of the “Summer Romance” collection, and started looking through the rails.  Their new prom dress with a red floral skirt was there, and it looked a lot nicer than I originally thought it would. Red isn’t really a colour I tend to wear that often.  Then what did I spy?  The patterned floral prom dress that I had fallen in love with ever since I saw it on fellow fashion bloggers, Danielle and George.

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Pretty Florals for Scarlett & Jo’s 2014 Summer Collection

I am a big fan of Scarlett & Jo even though I don’t own many of their pieces.  After seeing their Autumn catwalk show at last years Plus North I have been really looking forward to seeing what their Summer range would be like and I have to say I am not disappointed.  Although I do love the idea of powerfit dresses, they aren’t really something that you can wear on a day to day basis or to a special girly event (I think they are more suited for business / work wear) but this recent collection of beautiful floral print dresses is a completely different matter!

I first heard about the new floral collection when I spied a photoshoot that the gorgeous Danielle, Georgina, Hannah and Callie had taken place where they were styled in beautiful dresses with their hair and makeup done too.  I thought they all looked so beautiful and that they had a lot of fun on their Scarlett & Jo photoshoot and I couldn’t wait to check out the collection.  Here are my favourite pieces so far…

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Scarlett & Jo Powerfit Dresses at Evans

Recently, Scarlett & Jo launched their brand new Powerfit dresses on the Evans website and I was lucky enough to see them in person at Plus North in Manchester last weekend.   If you’ve never heard of the Powerfit dresses before, they are based on the illusion style dress with black panels down the edges and a contrasting colour or pattern down the middle.  These dresses give the illusion of a smaller frame and are very on trend at the moment.

The difference between other illusion dresses and the Powerfit Dresses by Scarlett & Jo are that many of their designs include a built in mesh lining that gives support and acts as shapewear.  Personally, I probably would wear more shapewear underneath the dresses because I like a really firm look to hold in my lumps and bumps.  The dresses come in a number of gorgeous colours, such as purple, red, blue, leopard print and lace panelled.  My favourite is the red one and I think that they would suit power dressing for work or equally be beautiful for an evening occasion.

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Plus North 2013… A night away

I have just returned from my first ever Plus North event which took place in the Renaissance Hotel in Manchester.  We woke early on Saturday morning ready for the drive ahead of us and although it took a little time to get everything packed and sorted we eventually made our way up the motorway to Manchester. I must admit, I had booked tickets, hotel etc before we booked our wedding so I did have a slight pang of guilt that the money I had spent could have been used for our wedding.  I’m such a worrier! For the day event I wore a bodycon New Look dress, brown leather jacket, ankle boots from Tesco and a sparkly statement necklace also from New Look.

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate being late for anything so when we got stuck on the M6 with long delays I started to panic and ended up being around 30 minutes late – grr!  When I walked into the Exhibition Hall I was greeted by the lovely Charlotte from Yours Clothing with a goodie bag and a warm welcome which was much appreciated because for some reason I was really nervous!  There were clothing racks everywhere and pick a mix too!  Yum!  I arrived just in time for the first catwalk show which was the Simply Be catwalk.  I stood next to the Yours Clothing exhibit and watched as everyone walked down the catwalk looking fabulous.  

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Anyone want to help me make some decisions?

I’m terrible at making decisions.  If we eat out, I’ll let someone else choose where.  If Mr FH and I are watching a film, I’ll let him pick!  So imagine how difficult it is for me to order clothes online…

Generally, I do shop in actual stores because it means I get to try everything on in one go without having to worry about sizing issues or sending stuff back.  Recently I have been more interested in online shopping because of lack of time and also some of the ranges aren’t available in stores and I live far away from some stores such as Simply Be, however I am going to make it my mission to get to one before the end of the year!

Anyway, I have found a bunch of dresses that I really like but I can’t order them all as it will eat into the wedding fund, so I decided to make a post and see if anyone wants to get in touch with their opinions via comments, twitter or e-mail and help me choose which to order :)

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