Shop more efficiently with Fashiola!

You might remember last Summer I introduced you to a website called Fashiola, a fashion search engine that spans across many well known brands here in the UK.  It’s become a bit of a lifesaver for me… let me tell you why.  When I was on my spending ban, I quickly realised how long I spend when online shopping and it worried me somewhat.  When you go to a physical shop, it doesn’t really matter how long you spend there since you have allocated that time to be out and about – and to browse, hog the changing rooms – all part of the experience but what I found with online shopping is that I am sat here, supposed to be working when my mind wanders.  I open up Firefox and within minutes I have a bunch of windows open for my favourite online shops.  I then look through each one, and getting more sidetracked as the day goes on and well let’s just say, it really isn’t very productive!

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Finding Fashion with Fashiola

Recently, I was told of a brand new website that has just launched in the UK called Fashiola. Built to make shopping quicker and easier, Fashiola is a fashion search engine that brings results from many brands across the Internet together in one easy place. With brands such as Marks and Spencer, H&M and Michael Kors and many more being added each month I was keen to have a good look at this website to see if it lived up to its expectations.

Firstly, Fashiola is really easy to use. With three main options, Women, Men and Kids, you simply click on what you want to see and the site contains numerous categories to make your browsing even more efficient. Once you have clicked (or indeed searched) for what you are looking for, you are given a multitude of options of different products that match your description. I did notice that there were a lot of brands that are completely out of my price range, such as Hugo Boss but a girl can dream right!? For those of us who are living life on a tighter budget, you can refine your search down by brand, price and even size which is particularly useful if you are like me and click on everything that isn’t the right size!

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