As soon as I lifted my spending ban, I felt completely relieved.  I also felt like I had suffered withdrawal symptoms (yes I know, this is bad!) and after 23 days of not spending, I gave up. This quickly followed with a shopping trip to my nearest Primark and just to wind me up even more, I couldn’t find anything I loved enough to buy! I wandered around the shops, feeling a little glum and had nearly run out of places to visit when I suddenly thought, what about Asda? I needed to get some food anyway and sometimes you can pick up some lovely clothes.

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Okay… here goes!  I was extremely nervous about filming my first ever V-log but I knew it was something that I wanted to overcome so for my first ever V-log, I review two of Simply Be’s Spring/Summer collection: the floral print woven front sweater and the peplum hem textured skirt.

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Not long after I wrote an article about the new range of ASOS Curve jewellery that is due for release in August 2013 I got in touch with ASOS Curve and they were lovely, they sent me a few items to review.

I must admit I was very excited about this *insert squeal here* because although I have ordered accessories from ASOS before and one dress from their main range, I had never experienced ASOS Curve and I really love their fashion forward pieces.  For these reviews I decided to be a little more adventurous and instead of choosing things that I knew would suit me straight away I chose three items that were very different to my style even though there were three dresses I loved.  I have the opinion that if I always choose things that I am guaranteed to fall in love with it doesn’t make very impartial reviews.

The first item I was sent to review is the ASOS Curve Quilted Jacket in Floral Print.  I was very unsure about the sizes since I’ve never tried any of their products before so I opted for a size 18.  I was delighted when it turned up – it fit perfectly, no gaping on the bust line due to my massive back.

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I’m so excited that this challenge is finally here!  Week one of the “Style It My Way” challenge is to present a maxi dress or skirt in your own style!  For my challenge I played it safe with one of my favourite ways to wear a maxi dress.  Team it with a cardigan and some gorgeous jewellery and away we go! 

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Today’s “Outfit of the Day” features a feather print maxi dress from Simply Be.  Technically, this dress belongs to my mum but one of the bonuses of being a similar size is that I normally borrow all her clothes!  This feather print maxi dress comes in two lengths and two base colours but I think the black is a much more flattering tone. The dress is still available on the Simply Be website at £35.  Unfortunately it isn’t in the sale at the moment but they have plenty of sizes left in stock and I think that price isn’t too bad for a maxi dress.  I’ve seen second hand branded maxi dresses sell on ebay for over £25!!

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