Denim and Pointed Heels

Sometimes it’s nice to just stick on a pair of jeans rather than prance around in pretty dresses and today was one of those days!  I’ve had a lot of problem with jeans recently, in that I have bought 3 pairs from Select Fashion and the zip has broken on every single pair.  When I was younger my go to place for jeans was Dorothy Perkins, but since I had some vouchers from Evans leftover, I thought why not give them a try. I am so glad that I did!

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Valentines Day Date With Curvissa*

When Curvissa got in contact with me to see if I wanted to be involved in a 5-way review of the Ostrich Textured Clutch Bag*, I knew immediately what I wanted to style it for!  Valentines Day is approaching this weekend and although my husband and I don’t really celebrate it, we are going out for a meal at Nandos (my choice) during the next few days. I’m a firm believer that you should show your significant other that you love them every single day, not just February 14th!

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You Can Never Have Too Many Floral Dresses!

I think I might have a bit of an obsession – floral dresses!  Recently I’ve tried to change things around a bit with my style and wear more suitable clothing for the weather but no matter how many times I dig my jumpers out of the wardrobe, I always seem to get back to a floral dress.  I even find ways to make them winter proof, like adding a warm cardigan or smart coat.  I purchased this floral dress a few months ago from Select as it was a style I had previously worn in a mint green colour and I knew the colours would be perfect to wear during the Autumn.

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Edgy Steampunk Autumn Florals

Primark has become one of my favourite places to check out, mainly because of the products changing so quickly but also the price. You just can’t go wrong!  Primark was never a place that I could shop in easily due to the sizing being all over the place but it’s become my new guilty pleasure as you’ll have noticed on my Instagram if you follow me!

I first spotted this skirt (and statement necklace) on the Primark website when they released a Q&A session with the gorgeous Victoria from – it wasn’t available in stores but Victoria had chosen it to showcase some of the new Autumn/Winter range and I was desperate to get my hands on the floaty organza number.  I ended up visiting a couple of different Primark stores multiple times, when one evening I finally spotted it and had to get my hands on it! When I got it home I didn’t have a clue how to accessorise it.  I stumbled across a couple of looks that worked really well with clothes that I already had in my wardrobe when I suddenly had a brainwave… What about my underbust corset!?

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Floral Romance and Blue Denim

It’s taken me a while to get decent photos of this outfit, but I think it was worth the wait. With all of the dismal weather we have been having, a floral dress is the last thing I’ve wanted to put on but yesterday we had a spell of sunshine and it so happens that I was also going to see one of my friends (who is an awesome photographer) – perfect timing! I have lusted after this Pink Floral Print Chiffon Dress ever since it was launched by Yours Clothing. Part of the Hayley Hasselhoff Loves range, Yours really shined with this collection and there were a number of pieces I was coveting. I knew it would be the kind of dress that could be worn to posh events with a smart jacket or faux fur coat for winter, or dressed down with a denim jacket / cardigan. I figured that the denim jacket was a safer option with the interchangable weather and I think this look works really well.

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Suits You Challenge – Kitty

I knew that September’s suits you challenge would be a lot of fun as I was given the task of styling the beautiful Kitty from Adventures of A Riot Girl. From looking at Kitty’s blog and having a good look back through her archives, I’d say her style was quite edgy. I really love the outfits that she puts together and I was so excited to have a go at styling her…

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Suits You Challenge – Nikki

I’m a few days late with this months Suits You Challenge as last week we had family come and stay so I was busy driving, cooking for 7 people and having fun. We went bowling and I didn’t lose for once! Anyway, this month my Suits You Challenge is to style Nikki from and I have had the pleasure of meeting Nikki at last years Plus North. I am a regular reader of her blog and I love her style. She likes prints, colour, dresses and isn’t afraid to try new things. As you all know I am a girly girl and I wanted to glam up an outfit for Nikki to potentially wear on a night out, yet choose a dress that could also work in the daytime with different accessories.

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Suits You Challenge – Lisa Marie

I must say I am seriously enjoying the Suits You Challenge set by Leah – It is so much fun styling other people and also getting a good look at the online stores to see their latest offerings.

This month, I am styling the beautiful Lisa-Marie who has only been blogging this year.  I may have gotten it completely wrong this month, but on Lisa-Marie’s blog she mentions that she wants to get out of her comfort zone and that she feels in a bit of a rut fashion wise wearing similar clothing.  I noticed photos of pretty kimonos and other floral style tops on her website so I thought I would use this as inspiration but “girlie” the whole thing up a bit…

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Same Size, Different Shape: Swing Dress

When it was mentioned that the next “Same Size, Different Shape” challenge was the swing dress, I must admit I had a bit of a panic.  I am not a lover of swing dresses at all – they may be comfy but they do nothing for my shape and end up making me look much bigger than I am.  At first glance, I thought I already had a swing dress in the form of a lovely purple “peacocks” jewelled sleeve number but my Mother kindly informed me that it was a shift dress.  Ooops!

I know that when Toni set up the challenge she did tell us not to go out buying new clothes just for the challenge but I really wanted to take part this month and persuade me otherwise to my negativity towards this style. The swing dress I chose also solved another blog post – my review of which will be coming very soon.

After much procrastination, I finally decided on a daisy print swing dress from the Plus Size range.  Although I had read that the sizing on their range was cut small, I opted for a UK size 16 which is the smallest size in the plus size collection.  I’m glad I did because when I tried it on for the first time it proved very roomy.  I’ll admit I did a little squeal when I tried this dress on and it changed my whole opinion on the swing dress as a whole.  Not only do I feel fabulous in this dress, but I also think that it doesn’t look like I just threw on a tent for once.  I think the key to my swing dress relationship might be to order patterned swing dresses instead of block colours.

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Suits You Challenge: Sally-Anne

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you’ll know that I do love a good challenge so when the gorgeous Leah (who I have had the pleasure of meeting at Plus North) from Thirty Something Curvy Me mentioned setting up something new, I was very keen to find out more. This new challenge is called Suits You… A number of bloggers have collaborated together and instead of styling ourselves, we will be styling each other! This month I had to style Sally-Anne from The Human Mannequin.

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