I am BACK!  For the past year, I have met many lovely women and helped them find their dream wedding dress as a bridal consultant, made some lifetime friends and had a really lovely year – in fact it has gone by so fast, that it doesn’t even feel like a year!  So much has changed within that year, and I have decided that I am coming back home to not only spend time with my family, expand that family, but also to resume blogging!  My love of fashion has not changed, and in a way, it has expanded into bridal too.  I’ve learned so much this last year, and I hope to take this experience into my next chapter.

Let the adventures of Felicity Hart resume…  I am a woman on a mission! Xx


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Scarlett and Jo are one of the brands that I just keep coming back to.  I absolutely love the styles and quality of their dresses and now with the beautiful Georgina Grogan being the face of Scarlett & Jo, her Instagram account is like one massive billboard for me.  My bank account is not so happy with this arrangement, but when you buy a Scarlett & Jo dress, you know that it is going to last and that you’ll be able to wear it to a number of occasions.  I justify my purchases by telling myself that I’m not just buying a dress… I’m buying an investment.

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Have you ever heard of IKrush before?  I am the first to admit I was completely oblivious to this brand until I was contacted by the lovely Gemma who wanted to tell me all about their online boutique of clothing, shoes and accessories. I had a good look around the site and was impressed by how modern it looked and how easy it was to use.  IKrush was founded in 2012 in Glasgow with an aim of providing high quality fashion at a reasonable price. They seem to have done the trick too, with gorgeous clothing, especially dresses! Shoes, handbags and even a selection of jewellery and other accessories.

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When Curvissa got in contact with me to see if I wanted to be involved in a 5-way review of the Ostrich Textured Clutch Bag*, I knew immediately what I wanted to style it for!  Valentines Day is approaching this weekend and although my husband and I don’t really celebrate it, we are going out for a meal at Nandos (my choice) during the next few days. I’m a firm believer that you should show your significant other that you love them every single day, not just February 14th!

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As soon as I lifted my spending ban, I felt completely relieved.  I also felt like I had suffered withdrawal symptoms (yes I know, this is bad!) and after 23 days of not spending, I gave up. This quickly followed with a shopping trip to my nearest Primark and just to wind me up even more, I couldn’t find anything I loved enough to buy! I wandered around the shops, feeling a little glum and had nearly run out of places to visit when I suddenly thought, what about Asda? I needed to get some food anyway and sometimes you can pick up some lovely clothes.

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I first noticed this dress while watching an episode of Citizen Khan on BBC1. The younger daughter of Mr Khan (forgive me if you don’t watch it!) is styled in the most colourful, funky way and while snuggled up to hubby, all of a sudden I shrieked “Oh my god, she has my cat on her dress!?”  Within minutes I had my tablet open with Google loaded and I was searching for this stunning dress. I found it too! As if fate had meant for me to own this dress, it was in stock at an online store called Divine Trash but only in a size 12. Feeling hopeful, and knowing that it was a stretchy bodycon dress, I clicked buy and it was on its way to me!

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I think I might have a bit of an obsession – floral dresses!  Recently I’ve tried to change things around a bit with my style and wear more suitable clothing for the weather but no matter how many times I dig my jumpers out of the wardrobe, I always seem to get back to a floral dress.  I even find ways to make them winter proof, like adding a warm cardigan or smart coat.  I purchased this floral dress a few months ago from Select as it was a style I had previously worn in a mint green colour and I knew the colours would be perfect to wear during the Autumn.

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My love affair with corsets started around 10 years ago when I was shopping with my sister in London to help her find a structured corset ballgown to wear to a school black tie event for the parents. All very posh I must say! I’d never really heard of corsets before, especially not ones with steel boning but while we were in the middle of a boutique shop scattered with hundreds of different styles I thought I would try one on while I was waiting to ease my boredom. My sister could shop in the Olympics! The result I got was absolutely outstanding. I was a little bigger than I am now, with a 38 inch (or bigger) waist, yet the steel boned corset that I was wearing nipped me in, in all the right places giving me the perfect hourglass figure. I was mesmerised by my reflection staring back at me!

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by House of Fraser, introducing me to their plus size collection. The only department I’ve ever shopped in before is their beauty department however, many a day I have glanced through the windows and dreamt of all of the beautiful clothing inside. A favourite of mine has to be the Ted Baker collection with its floral prints and floaty detail but I know the sizing doesn’t go up very far so I’ve pretty much ruled that out.

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I’ve known about the launch of the Missguided + plus size clothing range for a little while now but I was sworn to secrecy until I was given the go ahead and woahhh has that time flown by!  Missguided has been one of those websites that I have admired from afar, knowing full well that there would have been no way that I would have squeezed myself into their clothing from their main range. Not gonna happen!

When I first heard about the Missguided + launch, I couldn’t wait to see what was on offer. My only worry being that if it is anything like the ASOS Curve range, there will be a big discrepancy between their main collection and plus size collection when it comes to sizing.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed, but a size 18 from ASOS is a lot smaller than their Curve equivalent. I’m pretty sure the sizing and fit will become common knowledge shortly as this news is going to be take the blogging community by storm!

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