Roses are red collection at Scarlett & Jo

Scarlett and Jo are one of the brands that I just keep coming back to.  I absolutely love the styles and quality of their dresses and now with the beautiful Georgina Grogan being the face of Scarlett & Jo, her Instagram account is like one massive billboard for me.  My bank account is not so happy with this arrangement, but when you buy a Scarlett & Jo dress, you know that it is going to last and that you’ll be able to wear it to a number of occasions.  I justify my purchases by telling myself that I’m not just buying a dress… I’m buying an investment.

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THE Floral Prom Dress – Summer Romance Collection @ Scarlett & Jo

Back near the end of May, I wrote a post showcasing some of the Summer 2014 “Summer Romance” collection by the hugely talented Scarlett & Jo.   Scarlett & Jo are a brand stocked by the Evans Clothing online website and some of their bigger stores.  I must admit, I haven’t really shopped in Evans since I was a teenager and I generally find a lot of their clothing more suitable for the older woman.  This is where Scarlett & Jo have taken things in completely the right direction with their collection of gorgeous prom dresses.

While I was in Cardiff the other day, I thought since I had a bit more time that I would take a look inside their Evans store on the high street.  I’ve never been in there before, and it looked quite small from the outside window display. Boy, I was wrong!  The store seemed to go back for ages, and I was a woman on a mission. Surely if any of the stores were going to stock Scarlett & Jo, it would be Wales’ capital city!?  I wandered towards the back of the store, totally oblivious to everything around me and there it was…a section of the store dedicated to Scarlett & Jo and Lovedrobe.  I instantly recognised a number of the “Summer Romance” collection, and started looking through the rails.  Their new prom dress with a red floral skirt was there, and it looked a lot nicer than I originally thought it would. Red isn’t really a colour I tend to wear that often.  Then what did I spy?  The patterned floral prom dress that I had fallen in love with ever since I saw it on fellow fashion bloggers, Danielle and George.

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Pretty Florals for Scarlett & Jo’s 2014 Summer Collection

I am a big fan of Scarlett & Jo even though I don’t own many of their pieces.  After seeing their Autumn catwalk show at last years Plus North I have been really looking forward to seeing what their Summer range would be like and I have to say I am not disappointed.  Although I do love the idea of powerfit dresses, they aren’t really something that you can wear on a day to day basis or to a special girly event (I think they are more suited for business / work wear) but this recent collection of beautiful floral print dresses is a completely different matter!

I first heard about the new floral collection when I spied a photoshoot that the gorgeous Danielle, Georgina, Hannah and Callie had taken place where they were styled in beautiful dresses with their hair and makeup done too.  I thought they all looked so beautiful and that they had a lot of fun on their Scarlett & Jo photoshoot and I couldn’t wait to check out the collection.  Here are my favourite pieces so far…

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