If you’ve never heard of Online Avenue before, you might want to sit up and listen, especially if you love shoes like I do!  Online Avenue are an online store selling footwear with an aim to expanding to both clothing and accessories and they have some really affordable pieces.  I am a huge fan of heels, and I don’t own enough of them even though they are much easier to buy as your feet generally don’t change in size. I was recently very lucky to be given the opportunity to review some beautiful embellished heels* and I must admit, I couldn’t wait for the postman to arrive.

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As regular readers of my blog and twitter will know, last weekend I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my lovely Bridesmaid to be. Now don’t stop reading as this post isn’t another boring wedding post… It’s all about SHOES! We found ourselves in the usual places looking for that perfect dress when we stumbled into John Lewis. I must admit I’m not a regular shopper of John Lewis apart from around Christmas time when they sell the most delicious gingerbread houses and Christmas treats but after looking online I thought we’d give them a go.

I found myself getting more and more distracted by the shoe section. While my bridesmaid was looking for her dress, I still needed bridal shoes so left her to it while I ventured off in the direction of the shoe department. This is where I stumbled across Kurt Geiger. This is in all honesty not a brand I would have previously considered due to my bargain hunter instinct in me but I was really surprised by the different styles of high heeled shoes they had in store! I came away empty handed on the day but when I got back I thought I’d take a look at the John Lewis website and have a proper nosey with a cup of tea and my pyjamas in tow!

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